Our plans for little bit of each


Right now we are taking it easy when it comes to matings. Maybe in the summer of 2009.

Viola has no clear date. The future will tell when and with whom it will be. Luna and Snurpan may wait a while with the dating. No matings will occur until all cats are tested for GSD 4 and some will be HCM tested also.



We have no waiting litters at the moment. Please look into Litters or just look around.See also matings.


Snurpan (Tutti Frutti) has now taken two CAC and is now at the same level as her mother, Luna. Both have a left for the CAC to the Champion title. Both are notified to an exhibit in the summer and if we are lucky they will be Champion simultaneously.

Viola can now call themselves Champion. She do not think it's fun to go by car so she will probably not be exhibited any more.

Poppe took his title in Alfakattens exhibition on May 25th 2008, and can now call himself International Grand Champion. Since he is not so fond of exhibitions any longer so he will not be exhibit any more. Possibly, we will test when he has become neutered but only time will tell.


Exericise yard: The exericise yard has been used frequently since last summer. We have got the lawn in order and there are some flowers also.

The wooden-deck is gone from the exercise yard and has been replaced by stone instead. Much easier to keep clean. We are working at finding a good solution on how to arrange some huts (which will working in the winter and in the summer) and some ideas on furniture and decorate of the exercise yard.