Who are we?


We who are behind the breeding name S*Tigerkakan's are Stefan Alm and Linnea Sten. Animals have been included in the picture most of our lives. I, (Linnea), used to be a active member of the Association Djurhjälpen and that's where tequila comes from. Sadly I don't have the time to do that for the moment but sometime in the future maybe I'll.
In spring 2003, we visited Stefans father and his partner, Margot, who breeds Norwegian Forest Cats. Of course, they had kittens and both Stefan and I have always wanted to have a red Norwegian Forest Cat. We fell immediately for Poppe, which was the only male in the litter. We tried to exhibit him and thought it was fun. Poppe is now Grand International Champion.

In July 2006, we decided to find a wife to Poppe. After some hunting, we found an ad on Viola. The owner had herself had plans to start breeding but, unfortunately, become allergic. Poppe was up over the ears in love with Viola, and 4th of November 2006 thier babies was born. Before the litter would be born we applied for a name of our breed to SVERAK. After some turns we got our breeding name, S*Tigerkakan's. The idea of the name of our breeding name came to us a day when Poppe's breeder was visiting us. We joked about various suggestions of names of our breeding and then the proposal Tigerkakan's came up because we was eating tiger cake.

We are a small breeding with the ambition maximum one or two litters per year. We think it's important to have a good temperament, to breed healthy cats as close to the standard of the Norwegian Forest Cat as possible. We breed Norwegian Forest Cat on a hobby level and we follow SVERAK's rules.

Except for me and Stefan and our cats our family also includes Felix and Isack. Felix is in addition to animals also interested in hockey, playing computer games and watch TV. Isack is so young yet that he has not decided what he would like. If you should dare on a guess, so maybe he will be a mountain climber. Isack likes animals a lot, too. We think it's good that children are given the opportunity to spend time with animals from what they are small, but of course it's the adults who have primary responsibility for the animals get what they need. We'd love to hear from you and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.  Here you'll find the standard of the Norwegian Forest Cat and history/presentation.