Unfortunately, I can't  update the homepage so often at the time. The reason is that I now focus on finding a job. At least one time a month so I will in all cases to try to make updates.

Tutti Frutti has been on exhibition in Hallstahammar, she became Ex2 of 5. Not bad for the first time she in the open class. In Surahammar, she CAC both days and have only a cert to go until the Champion title.

It has been both up and downs in recent months. The site has not been updated in recent times because of this.

The sad fact is that Lime moved to Nangijala day before Christmas Eve after some time of illness. More info on the page for Angelcats.

Snurpan (Tutti Frutti) has been on exhibition in Örebro. She behaved brilliant, so it will be exciting to see how it goes later on.

Picture galleries and review the link page is the next step in the updates.

All except new pictures on Snurpan and the litter galleries are updated on the homepage. The Chistmas decorating is almost ready.

Tomorrow is the time to send Christmas cards. Has always been bad at sending Christmas cards in time by mail so now we send them by email and guest books.

Christmas decorated the homepage a bit and updated the Litters, Plans, News and Cats, etc., etc.. Hopefully I have time to get new pictures of "Snurpan" and create Litters galleries tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will dress the Christmas tree and decorating. This weekend we will make a gingerbreadhouse and make Christmas cards and sending Christmas and Happy New Yeat Greetings.

Today, Fazer moved to his new family in Axvall. He charmed everyone at his inspetion in his new home. He also met his future wife.

In Jönköping we met Malaco's new family where he will have a big and cozy friend, namely a Berne Sennen. He will have the opportunity to go out in an exercise yard too, after it is "cat-secured" of course.

Today Fruxo moved to his new family. He immediately went on an inspection tour of his new home. The family's other cats he took quiet and they seemed to take him with quiet too, even if they remained somewhat hesitant in the beginning.

All kittens are booked. Fruxo moving to a family in Vällingby and Malaco moving to a family in Sävsjö.

Yesterday Mazerati moved to Kolsva outside Köping. He immediately took an inspection round and then it was full speed. No homesickness in sight.

Now have all kitten in  the Carlitter moved to their new home and so I have moved them from "For Sale" to "Litters." They have also got their own galleries, which we hope will be filled with more photos in the future.

Now it's just Fruxo and Malaco who have not found their new homes but we think they will do that soon, so cozy and cuddly as they are.

Mazerati is now booked and he will move to his new home next week.

Fazer is now booked and some interest shown on Mazerati.

Today Lamorghini mowed to his new home in Sollentuna. He walked directly out of the carriage and began to take his new home in possession. Before we went home he already had found the cat tree, food and water and said hallo to his new friends.

New pictures on Fazer, Fruxo, Malaco, Mazerati och Lamborghini in the kittens page. All kittens were running around playing in exercise yard the hole weekend.

The Carlitter has been on exhibition in Borlänge. See offsprings showresults under Shows in the menu.

Viola has been in Norway at the exhibition. See the results under Shows.

Corvette and Pontiac has moved to their new home. Now it's just a Lamborghini, Mazerati, Fazer, Fruxo and Malaco waiting to find their new homes.

The problem with the contact form is now resolved and it works to send messages that way.

Some updates has been made. New pictures in kittens galleries and some new changes at showresults and so on.

Corvette has also been booked. All the girls have now found their new home. Pojkarna hope to find new homes soon, too.

Preparations for the DÄK's exhibition in Borlänge 27/9, in which The Carlitter will be exhibit, has now also begun.

The Sweetslitter was exhibit at MSK's exhibition in Eskilstuna. They got marvellous assessments all of them. Estrella moved to its new home.

Estrella är bokad och förberedelserna inför MSK:s utställning är i full gång.

The kittens are now 13 and 11 weeks old. New pictures in theirs gallary.

The kittens are now 12 and 10 weeks old. New pictures in their galleries.

To day is the premiere for the english version of S*Tigerkakan's hompage.

The kittens are now 10 and 8 weeks old. New pictures in their galleries.

Finally the computer is in order, so now it's just to catch up with all the updates as well.

The Sweetslitter are now 9 weeks old and the Carlitter are 7 weeks old. This morning, when I was cleaning the catroom, I had one kitten on my head fooling around in my hair, two or three kittens sitting on my shoulders and my neck, two climbing on my back and two who did everything to hunt the toilet-spade. It's purely impossible to sweep the floor because all the kittens hanging in the broom. Tomorrow I'll use the "trunkdragon" to clean the floor. Wonder what they will think about that. Hmmm.....

Some adjustment are made in the EMS-codes on the kittens. The kittens galleries will be updated any day now.

The Sweetslitter are now 7 weeks old and the Carlitter are 5 weeks old. New pictures in their galleries. This time we were in the exercise yard. It's was the first time outdoors. At first everthing were frightening but it didn't took long until they played and explored things as usual. Luna and Lime kept a watchful eyes on their babies. We have also received an expression of interest in two of the kittens even though we haven't announced them yet.

New pictures in the kittens galleries. The Sweetslitter are now 5 weeks old and the Carlitter are 3 weeks old. The Sweetslitter are now registered for Mälarkatten's exhibition. Only time will tell if we will make it. Viola is happy to help Luna and Lime with the kittens.

The Sweetslitter are now 4 weeks old and have to their mother Luna's annoyance started to climb out of the kittenbox. It's full speed on them.

The Carlitter will be 2 weeks old tomorrow, but we took the pictures today. So far this bunch is staying in the kittenbox but it will not take long before they are climbing out of the kittenbox too.

Finally I got the new pictures into their gallary. I got a new job yesterday so when I finished the pictures I was to tired to update the homepage.

From this day I'll do all uppdates on Sundays insted.

The sweetslitter are now 3 weeks old. New pictures in their gallary. Tomorrow will the Carlitter be 1 week old and new pictures will be posted to their gallary tomorrow.

Lime and Poppe's babies were born this morning. Everthing went well, but Lime was very tired afterwards. She recovered quickly and all the kittens are eating well and the milk has started to flow. No milk-stagnate this time.

A funny detail of the matter is that Poppe's halfbrother, CH Bisysslans Ikaros, also became a father today.

The Sweetslitter are now 2 weeks old and new pictures will be posted into their gallary during the day.

All the kittens are doing wel, and gain weight as they should, so now it feels much better. Luna magages her babies exemplary. This morning Estrella got the idea to investigate her mother's nose. It's full speed on the kittens. You will be happy just to see them crawl around in the kittenbox. The day they start to climb out of the kittenbox Luna will have her paws full. Hi Hi...

A link to S*Gräddelin's on the linkpage. S*Gräddelin's also has kitten for sale and the father to these kitten are none other than our Poppe. They have now reached the age of 3 weeks. Where does the time go?

  At last we are beginning to catch up with the updates. Unfortunately haven't all been happy in recent times. If anyone has questions don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Luna got milk-stagnate and despite all efforts nothing helped. We searched for help from veterinarian several times, because we felt that there was something more than just milk-stagnate. Unfortunately we had the misfortune to encounter a veterinarian who didn't understand the seriousness. Finally, we received, through a friend, contact with a veterinarian who in their sparetime, got the kittens adequate treatment. The milk-stagnate had been released but they could see that Luna had been in a great pane. The kittens got antiotics because they suspect that they were suffering from a bacterium. After the kittens got intibiotics everthing just went in the right direction.

Unfortunately, two of Luna's babies, Geisha and Aroma, died before we got hold of someone who could provide adequate treatment. They have flew on a white dowe to Nangijala were they now running around in the grass in the days of saga and campfire. The other 5 kittens are doing well and gain weight. We will especially thank Annmarie Hansson and Marie-Louise Almbjelke at Rinkeby Djurklinik for that you opend your clinik to help us in your sparetime and despite the fact that was closed for the week. You are gold worth. Apart from that we also learned who our true friens are. In the future know who we can trust.

The kitten gallery is back in track after some problems. We also congratulate the Johansson family, who owns Sims, to their name of their breed, S*Gräddelin's.

Today Poppe took his last CAGCIB and got his title Grand International Champion at the Alfakatten's exhibition. He will now stay at home because he don't like exhibitions as he did before.

We came home, only to act midwife, to Luna, who had decide that Mother's Day was a good day to go in labor. When everthing was finished, had 7 miracles seen the light of day. More information are comming soon.

Anyway it felt that we had won full pot. First Poppe's title and then Luna's 7 miracles.

New pictures of Poppe's babies in their gallery at S*Gräddelin's, see link on the linkpage.

Now are the time approaching for Luna and her stomach is big and beutyful. It's hard to climb in the climbing-trees. The kittenbox is inspected and approved.

Luna is expecting babies with S*Rumpetrollets Bonzo at week 21 and Lime are expecting babies with Poppe at week 23. More information under Plans page.

Poppe has became a father for the second time. Mother, Sims; and the babies are doing well. There was a boy and a girl. You will find a link to Gräddelin's at the link page.

We have many things to look forward to during the spring and summer this year. Luna went to Dalarna and had a hot love weekend with her fiancé, S*Rumpetrollets Bonzo.

The updates hasn't been so many lately but now it'll be better when we had finished the renovation of the downstrairs floor.

Now begins the new design to take shape but it's some small details left. A revision of the text and pictures at the about us page and uppdates in the galleries and the link page are left to do.