Kitten for sale

We don't have any kittens for sale at the moment but.....

Also, look like on previous litters or plans. No kittens are sold over the Internet or telephone, but it may be useful as a first contact. We follow Sveraks rules, which means that all the kittens that we sell are:


  • Between 13 to 15 weeks old

  • Dewormed atleast 3 times

  • Vaccinated 2 times

  • Veterinarian inspected within 7 days before delivery

  • Hidden defects insured in three years in Agria

  • Registered in Sverak

  • Delivered with pedigree

  • Kitten pack

  • CD with pictures of the cat's first 12 weeks

  • Id-tagged with chip


Interest shown:

Someone is interested but has not decided
Deposit is paid. The deposit is not repaid if you change your mind 
The kitten has moved to his or her new home